3 Section Folding

The Tebben Land Roller levels fields by pushing rocks, root balls and residue evenly across the surface for greater harvesting efficiency and less combine downtime. Optional Hydraulic Floating Hitch Package, Mechanical Acre Counter, and Mud Scrapers are available

Models Available:
TR31 MSRP $43,248
TR33 MSRP $44,500
TR41 MSRP $45,160
TR42 MSRP $46,680
TR45 MSRP $48,335
TR52 MSRP $51,160
TR62 MSRP $66,605

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  • Features:

    • 42" Diameter Drum .600 wall
    • ST235/80R/16 Load Range E Tires
    • HD 6 Bolt Hubs
    • 13' 6" Transport Width
    • Approximately 470lbs/Foot Weight
    • Replaceable 4 Bolt Flange Bearings
    • Rear Wheel Steering
  • MSRP: Varies With Model

    Model: TR31-TR62