Boat and Pontoon Trailers

Bunk Boat Trailers

Tebben bunk boat trailers make it easy to drive your fishing boat on and off. Long, wide bunks provide optimum support for your hull and make centering your boat during loading a breeze. The trailer's low center of gravity also makes towing easier and more stable.

Single Axle Models:
BO40 MSRP $822.00
B14-12 MSRP $1,056.00
B16-15 MSRP $1,186.00
SB16-17 MSRP $1,707.00
SBW16-17 MSRP $1,871.00
SBW16-21 MSRP $1,947.00
SBW17-24 MSRP $2,104.00
SBW18-28 MSRP $2,215.00
SBW20-30 MSRP $2,622.00
SBW21-35 MSRP $3,245.00

Tandem Axle Models:
SBT19-40 MSRP $4,138.00
SBT21-40 MSRP $4,260.00
SBT21-46 MSRP $4,295.00
SBT23-46 MSRP $4,358.00
SBT23-55 MSRP $4,809.00
SBT25-46 MSRP $4,979.00
SBT25-55 MSRP $5,140.00

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  • Features:

    • Powder Coat Paint
    • Low Ride Height
    • Larger 2"x6" Bunks For Extra Hull Support On SB17 And Larger
    • Low Center Of Gravity For Stability

  • MSRP: Varies By Model

    Model: See Equipment Description