Boat and Pontoon Trailers

Roller Boat Trailers

Your boat will load straight onto our roller trailers every time. Why? Because our roller arms tip back to front and side to side. Unlike trailers with arms that move only front to back, our four-way movement allows your hull to automatically center itself when loading and ensures a more even weight distribution when you pull it from the water. These special roller arms feature solid 3/4" bars to limit flex and dual density rubber rollers which are firm in the center but softer on the outside where they contact your boat's hull.

Single Axle Models:
R14-12 MSRP $1,177.00
R16-15 MSRP $1,268.00
SR16-17 MSRP $1,925.00
SRW16-17 MSRP $2,033.00
SRW16-21 MSRP $2,098.00
SRW17-24 MSRP $2,249.00
SRW18-28 MSRP $2,337.00
SRW20-30 MSRP $3,356.00
SRW21-35 MSRP $3,707.00

Tandem Axle Models:
SRT19-40 MSRP $4,217.00
SRT21-40 MSRP $4,339.00
SRT21-46 MSRP $4,380.00
SRT23-46 MSRP $4,457.00
SRT23-55 MSRP $4,803.00
SRT25-46 MSRP $5,380.00
SRT25-55 MSRP $5,541.00

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  • Features:

    • Powder Coat Paint
    • Dual Density Rubber Rollers
    • Four Way Movement On Roller Arms
    • Low Center Of Gravity For Stability
  • MSRP: Varies By Model

    Model: See Equipment Description