Boat and Pontoon Trailers

Tournament Series Boat Trailers

If you don't like compromise, we've got the trailer for your special rig. We designed the Tournament Series for mavericks who log miles of road time, and don't think twice about loading or unloading alone. The thirty-two cushioned rollers make self-centering a snap, even in high winds, and with weight distributed to more contact points you ride with the ultimate in hull support. The bunk models feature four large carpeted bunks for optimum support.

Tournament Series Roller Trailer Models:
SRWTS17-24 MSRP $3,075.00
SRWTS18-28 MSRP $3,195.00
SRWTS20-30 MSRP $4,036.00
SRWTS19-40 MSRP $5,166.00

Tournament Series Bunk Trailer Models:
SBWTS17-24 MSRP $2,995.00
SBWTS18-28 MSRP $3,117.00
SBWTS20-30 MSRP $3,959.00
SBWTS19-40 MSRP $5,064.00

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  • Features:

    • Powder Coat Paint
    • 32 Cushioned Rollers For Hull Support And Easy Loading
    • 2x6 Carpeted Bunks
    • All LED Lighting
    • Chrome Rims With Spare Tire And Carrier
  • MSRP: Varies By Model

    Model: See Equipment Description