3 Point Attachments

Tree Saw

The Tebben Tree Saw is designed to cut trees up to 14" diameter at ground level and clear unwanted or invasive brush. Twelve replaceable carbide teeth are mounted on a 40" diameter wheel. The Tree Saw features a 57" high brush guard with expanded metal to protect the operator from flying debris.

TTS12-30 Hydraulic Grapple Assembly
18-1110 Replacement Carbide Tooth

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  • Features:

    • Category 1 Or 2 Three Point
    • Category 5 Driveline With Slip Clutch
    • 75hp Rated Gearbox
    • 40" Diameter Cutting Wheel 3/4" Thick
    • 12 Replaceable Carbide Teeth
  • MSRP: $6,100.00

    Model: TTS12-100